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Laser - Dual-Sim + Unlocked Mobile Phone

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Laser - Dual-Sim + Unlocked Mobile Phone

Not only does the phone come unlocked and ready to use but you can also insert two sim cards and have the option of using two phones in the one. This makes it ideal for travel (use an overseas SIM as well as your local sim) as well as using it locally with two SIMS (like one for work calls, another for personal) or simply to make the best use of two mobile plans (say one SIM is better for local calls whilst another is better for overseas). It comes with a long life battery of up to 6 days standby time, a built in camera for taking photos and videos, supports MP3/MP4 playback, FM radio, voice recording and calendar. It also comes with a torch flashlight, Bluetooth, and micro SD storage that supports 16GB of memory.