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Home Drug Test - Saliva

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Home Drug Test - Saliva
Ora-Check Saliva Drug Test is an oral fluid drug screen test. It requires only a drug test cassette and a saliva collection tube to run the assay. It is simple, fast, convenient and accurate in On-Site drug testing. 

People can directly spit into the collection tube. The collection tube has an active dropper tip, which can eliminate the bubbles when the oral fluid be extruded into the sample hole. 


1. Stronger testing lines. 
2. Faster flow speed. Result can be observed in 3-5 minutes. 
3. Convenient. 
4. Accurate. High accordance with GC/ MS result. 
5. Customized brand.
 Drugs /Abbr  Cut-offs (ng/ml)
 Marijuana/Cannabis   THC metabolites 12, Parent THC 50
 Cocaine COC   20
 Opiates OPI  40
 Amphetamine AMP  50
 Methamphetamine MET  50
 MDMA   50
 Benzodiazepine BZO  30
 Methadone MTD  30
 Buprenorphine BUP  10
 Phencyclidine PCP  10
 Cotinine COT  30
 Oxycodone(OXY)  40
 Ketamine(KET)  50