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Keyring Pill Stash - Set of 5

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Keyring Pill Stash -  Set of 5

Stash your stuff in a Pill Stash Keyring! Easy way to keep your pills handy! 

This set of 5 Pill Stash Keyrings is a must have for every set of keys you own!  

They are lightweight, waterproof and sturdy coloured aluminium. The screw on top has a rubber o-ring installed to help keep your stash dry whether it's pills, herb or whatever else you might like to keep safe.

These handy little Pill Stash Keyrings are a must have for those who need to keep medication readily on hand!  Pill Stash Keyrings are a great way to store emergency medicine when you travel.  Simply clip it onto the zipper of your jacket, your handbag, sports bag, golf bag, gym bag, school bag or just use it as a keyring.

Prone to headaches? Keep a couple of emergency Panadol tablets in your Pill Stash Keyring for emergencies.

Hayfever a problem? Pop a couple of your antihistamine tablets in your Pill Stash Keyring so you'll always have some on hand.

For a unique bag tag write your name and address details on a piece of paper, put it in the aluminium cannister on the Pill Stash Keyring and attach it to your suitcase or your kid's school bag.

Use a Pill Stash Keyring to store the little things you don't want to leave home without!

You get 5 of these clever Pill Stash Keyrings in a set, one for all the family or just share them amongst your friends.  


Note: We don't offer a choice of colours, your order will be filled with random colours from current stock.