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Whistler Radar / Laser Detector - Pro 68 XRi

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Whistler Radar / Laser Detector - Pro 68 XRi

The Whistler Pro-68XRi is specifically designed to detect Australian & European Laser Guns. Whistler PRO 68XRi Radar Detector

The Whistler PRO-68XRi Radar Detector is the latest and best radar detector from the Whistler Group based in the USA.

It is designed to detect all the latest radar and laser threats used throughout Australia and New Zealand and has front and rear laser sensors for maximum laser detection alerts.

The Whistler PRO-68XRi Radar Detector features an excellent ergonomic and user-friendly design that provides a new level of operating convenience and is an excellent high performance unit with a 3 year standard warranty, three times longer than most other brands at no extra cost! 

WHISTLER PRO 68XR i Features

HIGH PERFORMANCE - extra detection range for advanced warning

Ka NARROW PLUS MODE - looks only for the following Ka Frequencies: 34.0 GHz, 34.3 GHz and 35.5 GHz

DETECTS EUROPEAN LASER GUNS - (Traffi patrol XR, Riegl, Jenoptik, Laveg, Truspeed and more)

SELECTABLE LASER MODES - allows selection of multiple pulse rate segments including TRAFFIPATROL XR, LISD, and laser guns with STEALTH MODES

X/K FILTER MODES - offer multiple levels of signal processing to reduce false alerts caused by some radar detectors

Ka FILTER MODES - provide 3 levels of additional signal processing to reduce false alerts caused by some radar detectors

BLUE NUMERIC ICON DISPLAY - provides distinct visual symbols of alerts detected and engaged modes. Signal strength is shown as a number (1-9)

ALERT PERISCOPE LED's - on top of the unit provide additional visual alert

360° MAXX COVERAGE - detects from front, sides, and rear

3 CITY MODES (City, City 1, City 2) to reduce the annoyance of false alerts

HIGH GAIN LENS - provides increased field of view which means better range

SELECTABLE BANDS - allow specific bands to be turned on or off

STAY ALERT™ - Whistler™ 's exclusive feature that tests your alertness on long trips

DIM / DARK MODES - reduce the illumination of the display. When in dark mode, the display is turned off during an alert then remains off for 20 more seconds before returning to its dimmer setting.

QUIET / AUTO QUIET MODES - silence audio alerts

ALERT PRIORITY - displays most important signal when more than one is detected

SETTING SAVER - saves personalized settings when unit is turned off

VEHICLE BATTERY SAVER - automatically shuts off your detector if you forget to turn it off

SAFETY WARNING SYSTEM - keeps you informed of highway safety where transmitters are located

INTELLICORD® READY - capable of working with optional INTELLICORD®power cord



  • Size: 125mm x 80mm x 36mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Insert Colour: Black
  • Power: 12V
  • Warranty: 3 years